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Ceci est une page web en anglais, pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas, comprennez !:~(

Multi member bio of Buttfuckers member

Talking about the Buttfuckers… Well, I remember the day I first time played with the Buttfuckers. It was a rainy saturday night (alive ?). I went to ‘The little hall’, a place very small where you can see bands playing gigs, and get the best beer you can get in London.
That night was the nigth, the N Night. The band who played was awfully bad (but not as blur or oasis -Hey band names don’t begin with a minor character -Yes but they aren’t major bands). Nobody liked the concert. Between each song you heared the crowd shout : ‘Where are the tomatos’, ‘Throw them to the lions’, ‘Go back to your mother’…
Anyway, their ‘music’ was even to flat to get faxed (absent). Anyway, they became red without being hurt by a throwed tomato (we didn’t have any). Anyway they finally get scared, and anyway, they said : ‘If you don’t like us, come plug & play ‘.
I jumped on stage, four other guys (in the mood) did it to. We stared to play wihtout knowing any songs, and even without knowing how to play with intruments we never used before. The result : ‘a prety nice cacophony’. We had a pretty good success, and the same nigth, signed with our record company (Denis’n Denis Record).
Since then, we allways do the same, and are allways different. Each live session can become a new LP. It’s a natural way of composition : a few words, some notes, a little rythm, played at the highest level possible, so that nobody can hear if we play in tune or not. The only thing you have to do is : ‘Follow the sign of the never smashing throwed tomato’ and don’t forget :

The past is away
The future will come
The present should stay
Until it is done
Nothing before
Nothing after
No one is more
Than a buttfucker

Belive it or not, it’s true.

Artistical analyse by B. Eye

I’ve listen to the Buttfuckers many times. Obviously it seems that the Buttfuckers is the first band who plays groovely what we use to call the supra-crossover-snowball-crowded-noise, while being in phase with an extremistical-wavy-soft-trash-core-sound-style in the cryptic way, of course. African rythmes are played in the same mood as the Stooges did. Classical melodies are played on the edge and let us feel the influence of the well-known band Giclett-Unprotector. It swings like the hammering wave of Sonic Youth and kicks your ass like on the Black Sheep LP from All Cat Shave. Wonderfull.

Melody : ***** (5/5)
Rhythm : ***** (5/5)
Noise : **** (4/5)
Originality : ***** (5/5)

Total : 19/20

The Buttfuckers are :

John O’Lee (Kiks)
Jo Superstar (Screamings)
Alan Grave (Underground noise)
Pat Mc Doyle (Chain saw – not on picture, because he was a bit killed before)
Mat Tudor (Drill -not on picture, because he takes the photo)

© 28 mars 2000 Buttfuckers

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